Early Pregnancy

It is an exciting time when one finds out they are pregnant.

However, ultrasounds are very sought after. "Seeing is Believing." At times, a patient may have pain, cramps, or bleeding. Phone calls are made to the Obstetrician in fear that there is a problem.  

In routine scenarios, an exam, discussion, and serum Beta-hCG levels should be ordered. This is done to ascertain if there is a viable pregnancy and can an Ultrasound be performed. If the Beta-hCG levels are above a certain point, a Transvaginal/

Transabdominal Ultrasound can be done to discern the status of the early pregnancy.

Problems can arise when Radiologists, Obstetricians, and Patients do not communicate well. There have been situations where the pregnancy is not in the uterus. Patients have been seen in Clinics and Emergency Rooms often for symptoms of this.  

Obstetricians/Emergency Room Physicians have relied on their Radiology colleagues for too many things. Patients are not listened to. Histories are not obtained. Patients are rushed through "the system." Examinations are not being performed. Diagnosis are made, at times in error. Sometimes, the problem is due to miscommunication. The misdiagnosis of viable vs an ectopic pregnancy is a huge concern. The ramifications of unnecessary surgery, methotrexate administration, and mental anguish is can be devastating.  

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